Black and African-American Quotes

Sometimes I’m very wary of the competitional aspect of masculinity, from war down – all based on men trying to prove something, either their status or their strength.

Meshell Ndegéocello

Meshell Ndegéocello on Masculinity

Source:, 2014

My parents always told me I could talk to them about anything. I told my mother before I told my father because I felt she would understand me. She didn’t. She always knew but felt it was a phase or something I would grow out of. Through her disbelief, she still loved me and accepted me for me. My dad is a retired military man, and before we had ‘the talk’, I had this misconceived notion of what a son should be through the eyes of a father. Someone who plays sports, video games, a real man’s man…everything I wasn’t. I felt I was going to let him down, as I was not the image of what a son should be.

Julian Walker