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Some people do it to get rid of energy, or for a fresh start. Sometimes it's because of a breakup or a new relationship. Sometimes it's cancer or sickness. No matter why you do it, it's chopping off the old and beginning anew.

Larry Sims

Larry Sims on Why People Cut Their Hair

Source: Refinery29, 2017

When I graduated secondary school, what I really wanted to do was go straight to the hair salon and get my relaxer, so my hair would be straight. Then I came to the U.S., and ... I couldn't afford to get a relaxer at a hair salon here because I thought it was just needlessly expensive. So I went to the drugstore and bought the relaxer kit and decided to do it myself, which didn't end well. Having then a scalp with really bad burns, I suddenly thought, 'Why am I even doing this?' And that's when I stopped using relaxers. And it took a while to accept my hair for the way that it grows from my head.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie