Black and African-American Quotes

Homophobia within the Black community needs to end. I know it is not an overnight process. Too many talented young men and women are taking their lives, harming themselves and living unhappily out of fear.

Julian Wright

Julian Wright on Homophobia in the Black Community

Source: EBONY, 2015

My parents always told me I could talk to them about anything. I told my mother before I told my father because I felt she would understand me. She didn’t. She always knew but felt it was a phase or something I would grow out of. Through her disbelief, she still loved me and accepted me for me. My dad is a retired military man, and before we had ‘the talk’, I had this misconceived notion of what a son should be through the eyes of a father. Someone who plays sports, video games, a real man’s man…everything I wasn’t. I felt I was going to let him down, as I was not the image of what a son should be.

Julian Walker