Black and African-American Quotes

Faced with the rise of minority intelligence -- be it on the left or the right -- the "blame crowd" has no way to fight back other than to turn elitism into a pejorative.

John Ridley

John Ridley on how whites deal with intelligent minorities

Source: Huffington Post, 2010

When I first started doing shows it was all hood spots and all black people. Then I had some mainstream success and did some EDM and it was all white people at my shows for a while. Now it's white, black, and brown people at my shows. All races partying having a good time and enjoying themselves together peacefully. That's what Waka Flocka is all about. For that reason I must say I'm disgusted and disappointed in the actions of the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma and I will be canceling my scheduled performance for them next month. Racism is something I will not tolerate.

Waka Flocka Flame