Black and African-American Quotes

And I think it's important that we not lose sight of that message and continue to show and make progress in areas where, for the most part, African Americans still, to a certain degree, are not given the same types of opportunities. And while there has been tremendous progress made, there's yet still tremendous progress to be made.

Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony on Progress

Source: NPR, 2006

I was in Tucson, at a writer's conference, and I challenged my host to pull out his dictionary and look up the words "white" and "black." And he looked up the word white, and he came up with things like white, unmarked by malignant influence, of desirable condition, a sterling man, a bright, fair and honest. Then you look up the word black, and you get a villain, marked by malignant influence, unqualified, violator of laws, etc. And these are actual definitions in a Webster's dictionary. So this is a part of the linguistic environment, so that when white America looks at a black, they see the opposite of everything that they are.

August Wilson