Black and African-American Quotes

I would tell my daughters and women in general, wait and let Mr.Right find you not Mr.Right Now. If you wait on God and let the man find you, things work out better.

David Mann

David Mann on Relationship Advice for Singles

Source: Madame Noire, 2014

You know, when you’re single, you’re very independent. Very independent women raised me. We didn’t have a lot of male figures as the head of our household, so I got, and took on, a lot of that strong spirit from the matriarchs in my family. It allows you to get on through life a lot easier, but the downside is that you don’t have that experience of watching a male figure interact with women in the home. When you come from an all-female household, when you’re in a relationship, you get into situations you don’t really know how to handle, which I didn’t.

Tichina Arnold