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SAID IT LOUD started in April 2014, when the creator, Ashleigh Whitby, couldn’t find a website that was strictly dedicated to quotes spoken by Black public figures. Instantly wanting to change that, she told her mother and best friend about her idea. Her best friend suggested the name SAID IT LOUD, inspired by the famous James Brown song.

SAID IT LOUD officially launched in February 2015.

SAID IT LOUD was created to

  • provide a central location of accurate quotes and speeches said by prominent African-American, African, Black American, Black Caribbean and Black Europeans figures
  • document the many thoughts of life spoken and written by¬†African-Americans, Africans, Black Americans, Black Caribbeans and Black Europeans
  • displaying known and not-so-known Black personalities and celebrities as multidimensional, multifaceted beings with a range of emotions and thought processes

SAID IT LOUD is not the author of these quotes. SAID IT LOUD is only to act as an accurate online quotation directory. Each quote will include the author and source.


For more information, please fill out the contact form or send an email to info [at]

SAID IT LOUD is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

SAID IT LOUD contains quotes from prominent Black figures. Read on to learn more about SAID IT LOUD.
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